Olivia Hope Talbott
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Olivia Hope Talbott is an LA-based actress, comedian, astrologer, and activist who is ready to contribute to the world through her distinct points-of-view. She is a small town, southwest Virginia woman, committed actress, detailed communicator, and relentless worker. She is a passionate writer and voracious consumer and student of people, and comedy; performing regular improv with her musical improv group, The Moaning Myrtles, as well as her all-girl improv/sketch group, The Pinup Squirrels. Her groups perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade (where she also studies in the Advanced Program), The Improv Space, the Comedy Central Stage, and most often, The Clubhouse. Olivia enjoys finding her way as an actress, human, stand-up, writer, meditator, and manifester. She cultivates her best sitcom style acting at The Actor's Comedy Studio. Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop was Olivia's first, and longest training home in Los Angeles. Cold read scene study is where her talent came to life; inhabiting primal, honest characters in conflict and finding her voice with a connected emotional presence.

Olivia waits tables, reads astrology charts, and teaches fitness classes to make the money she needs to pursue her dreams. She is an enormously passionate activist in search of opportunities to connect with others, fight with the disenfranchised, spend her privilege, and educate herself so that she may become more conscious, and make a positive ripple in the movement towards progress. White People for Black Lives has become a place to rest and make active her heart in LA. She is proud to be on the journey of radicalization. Her love for womxn knows no bounds.

Olivia always knew she would move out to California and be an actor. As a little girl she was shy and creative. Little Olivia loved writing horrendous attempts at "deep" poetry (such a Scorpio), drawing fashion sketches with detailed layouts of her future mansion homes full of 9 children, and disappearing outside with her dog, picking out it’s ticks and telling it stories of how misunderstood she felt. She was raised by an infinitely loving single mom and grew up between two worlds. Her father would hear her stories and songs and would playfully force her to perform in front of his friends. Although she hated the attention she received at first, it became her favorite feeling to connect a large group of different people in one room through laughter.

Olivia laughs at anything that comes out of Ali Wong’s mouth, has been produced by Judd Apatow, acted by Chelsea Perretti, or is winced at by Maxine Waters. Her acting teacher compared her to a female Adam Driver (a fellow Scorpio) two years ago, and she will die one day with it written on a napkin in her hand. She can be found in traffic eating carrots, or anything out of a jar while listening to Lizzo on a good day, or a podcast from either her favorite witch mentor or anti-racist educator to make her feel more connected on the bad days. She took her first improv class at The Upright Citizens Brigade, which she had never heard of, because she read Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please and believed the universe wanted her at the weird school.

Olivia pursues to be creatively fulfilled, and also, to help support other women's dreams and creations. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University to study English and Media Studies. While there, she wrote often, loved hugely, and witnessed the world in a colorful, metropolitan, and diverse way for the first time. Olivia knew she needed the city prep before making the move to LA. She graduated VCU one year early while serving at The Cheesecake Factory, saved up, and made the move by herself to a state in which she knew one acquaintance, and deeply hoped he would have lunch with her. He did, and it became the ride of her life. Olivia's dream is to make good work that shifts the way people see the world and acts as a medium between many.

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